When the cat’s away…the mice will play

479620203Hello out there friends! So maybe some of you know this feeling…your spouse leaves out of town and suddenly you have no desire to cook, clean or do anything remotely resembling matronly duties.  This is me!  I just want to run around and play and rest and do things I can’t do when he is here to take care of.  Let me clarify, I miss my husband TREMENDOUSLY and am a HUGE wimp when he leaves, it takes about 2 days for me to even stop the sobbing.  But my husband is a “stay home” kind of guy, and I am a “get out and enjoy life (aka spend money)” kind of girl!  

So far in the last 2 weeks I have cooked a total of two meals…two! Between the packing and getting him ready and all the boo-hoo fests after he left, I have not felt like cooking a single thing!  I get the children food mind you, they’re not starving, it just usually isn’t made by my hands…it’s usually made by that nice man Papa Murphey or those nice people over at Sonic.  Let’s just say that health consciousness has gone down the toilet the last few weeks! 

On top of all of that, I – the one who never watches movies – have decided that we need to all watch every 80’s movie that they haven’t seen, because this is a short coming in my parenting and needs to be remedied immediately!  Here’s a list of what we’ve seen so far and what’s on the docket!


1. Romancing the Stone (watched with my daughter)

2.  Jewel of the Nile (again, with my daughter, she actually liked it)

To be watched:

1. Ghostbusters

2.  Raiders of the Lost Ark (hoping the boys like this one)

3.  Goonies

4.  The Karate Kid

5.  Back to the Future (maybe just the first one)

6.  Footloose

7.  Top Gun

I really want to watch 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club, but I’m thinking my 13 year old son might not understand some of the content…hmmmm.  

Any suggestions on movies? Leave your comments in the box below!