All things Sarah Bessey…brilliant

biopicjan2014.jpgSo there’s this writer, her name is Sarah Bessey, and if you haven’t heard of her yet then let me open your eyes.  I first heard her speak at the If:Gathering conference that I watched last year (highly suggest watching it or streaming it this year!), and she changes my world (and she’s a fellow Whovian, what’s not to love??). 

When she walked out onto the stage, my first opinion was “cool, tattoos”.  She started off by explaining that she’s a Canadian, has tattoos and loves Jesus.  She even went so far as to say that she wasn’t sure why she was invited to this conference because her book “Jesus Feminist” was not very well received by the church (side note: great book, not quite as offensive as the title gives way to).  But when she spoke, she really helped to change the way that I saw Jesus, but also how I saw myself through His eyes.  

Although I highly encourage you to check out her blog – – here is a link to one of my favorite posts of hers that I found.  It’s entitled “In which I share 10 books that changed my faith”, and I thought I would start reading some of them (a few I’ve already read), want to join with me?

Are you interested in joining in and reading some books together?  We could have discussions on some of the chapters here?  I’m starting with “The Ragamuffin Gospel”, sound good to anyone else?