Our summer…and a long absence

Hello friends!  My apologies, some unexpected bad news came to dear, sweet friends of ours and we’ve been a little off this last week.  Plus, with Josh gone, I had to pull it all together myself and that coupled with our news, it was a hard week.  But, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” as Kelly Clarkston would say (my empowerment song), so on we go and off to another start to a brand new week where the possibilities are endless!

So far our summer has been really fun and exciting…for everyone except me!  Normally I would complain about this and how unfair it is that every summer I beg for an adventure and each year my hopes are dashes yet again…but I won’t complain this year for sheer gratitude that this has been such a great summer for some those that I love.

My husband just returned from his 8 day trip to Moyobamba, Peru where he actually officiated the wedding of his brother and his fiance…what an opportunity!  He had a great time and is still trying to share all of his amazing stories with me.  He was in the Amazon jungle, so lots of amazing stories there! (see pictures below)

My daughter went for a week with some good friends to the beach in Galveston, Texas for a week where she got ridiculously burned, but had just the best time.  She also is about to leave for youth camp Saturday for the first time and she is BEYOND excited!

We took my grand daughter to the splash pad for the first time (by the way, she turned 2 this last week and is so dear to my heart – I can’t even explain the love people) and she thought it was the best place ever!  My daughter broke out her camera and said “cheese” and this pose is what ensued…she may be posing…just a little. (picture below to the left)

My son has had hardly a day where he didn’t have a friend here or was gone with friends to do something, his fun has been dispersed over the last few months, but he’s having a great summer as well! 

Mostly our fun has consisted of little things here and there; a swim in a friend’s pool, feet in the pool with a cold drink in my hand and my oldest daughter across from me, a Coke with my name on it (so simple), and time spent with sweet friends (note to self – get better at taking pictures when you’re with you’re friends!). 


How have you been spending your summer?  Any new places or activities that you’ve found that were more fun than you imagined?  What was your favorite part of the summer so far? I’d love to hear your comments below!


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