You know you’re almost 40 when…

472312421So in a few days I’ll be 38, which is so dangerously close to 40 that it has me worried a bit.  I keep hearing things like “40 is the new 20”, and lies like that.  I’m not opposed to getting older (I am already a Grandma you know, it would be nice if the age finally fit the stage of life I was in for once!), I really want to do it gracefully – which doesn’t mean I won’t dye my gray hair and use wrinkle cream – it just means that I won’t fight it every step and lie about my age.

Without further adieu, here’s my list…


You know you’re almost 40 when:

…you’ve already bought your first pair of reading glasses

…you can’t jump on a trampoline anymore (you know why)

…you look in the mirror and think “wow, I look just like my mom!”

…you realize your “figure” is never going to be what it was in high school again, and you come to terms with that

…you realize that you might wear Spanx for the rest of your life

…you have bags stacked on bags under your eyes, and you can tell you’re “starting to look older”

…the music you listened to in high school is on the classic rock station

…your Friday nights consist of ice cream and pajamas, and you look forward to it!

…your kids don’t understand the concept of a “house phone” and how it used to be “plugged into the wall”

…you get carded and you’re actually FLATTERED that they asked for your ID

…you look around and start to wonder what you’ve accomplished in your life, and what you want to accomplish in the next 40 years

…you start a Bucket List because you now realize that time goes quickly and we’re not guaranteed one more day

…you can honestly say you would never want to be 20 again…like ever (cringe)

…and maybe, just maybe, you start to feel like you might know a few things about life


What about you?  What could you add to this list?  I’d love to hear your comments, please leave them below!



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