I’d like to introduce you to…me

ImageVulnerability – open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc…

Being vulnerable is a scary thing, for any of us.  Any time we put ourselves out there, our real selves, we do it with fear and trembling knowing that we might not be accepted.  The fear of being accepted, not just by those I know and love but by strangers as well, has been the driving force in my life keeping me from being open and personal with my writing.

On my other blog, allthingsmessy.com, I started out wanting to write this way – open and honest about my past and my life.  But as time went on it was so much easier to write simple tips and tricks covered up in sarcasm and humor than it was to write soul bearing truths.  Here I hope to write about who I am, what I believe, what my family and I have been through (to a certain degree, because some things are still private), and the things that have made me who I am today.  I promise that the humor and sarcasm will still be here…I mean come on, have you met my family?  We’re pretty funny! 

Please know ahead of time that you don’t have to agree with everything I believe or all of the choices that I’ve made in my life, I welcome differing opinions, but I do ask that you would be respectful in sharing your opinions. In writing like this, my hope is that there are people out there that will realize that they are not alone in what they’ve been through and that opening ourselves up to vulnerability and honesty can be extremely cathartic.  

Here goes…

Hi.  My name is Jennifer and I am married to my best friend, the mother of 3 awesome, challenging children (aren’t they all that way), and I’m the Gigi of one super cute granddaughter.  I’m a displaced Wyoming girl who somehow made it to Texas, but my heart is still back home. I also have a passion for all things food related and pretty much anything and everything that could inspire creativity.  I like to eat, laugh with friends (of which I’m blessed to have many), spend time with my husband and kids (doing pretty much anything) and I am currently learning to design websites.  I’m not a “schooled” writer, and sometimes I wonder why I’m writing a blog in the first place…but I’m very determined and have decided that “if it’s exciting but scary, I’m going to branch out and just do it”! 

Welcome to this journey with me!


2 thoughts on “I’d like to introduce you to…me

  1. Friend, I love how absolutely brave you are in this blogging adventure and your desire to put your feelings and the truth as you see & experience it out there. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do sometimes, and I respect & admire you so much for doing it!! *cheering you on from the sidelines* 🙂 Beautiful post & I look forward to more! Love you bunches, sweet friend!

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